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Our goal then and now is to provide quality debt collection services.

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Wellcash  is a fully licensed, national, third-party collections agency focused on bad debt recovery and skip tracing services. We work nationwide in all time zones to provide custom outsourcing solutions for any company /group /individual that is seeking effective and professional collections solutions.





In South Africa debt collection can be challenging, especially for organizations not familiar with the many debt laws. Having a local South African collection agency on your side is key for success.


Our Specialization

With 20+ years of experience ,we are proud to offer these services professionally.

Debt Collection

As an agent of creditors we collect debts for a fee or percentage of the total amount owed.

Tracing Services

Tracing Services can help you locate the debtor.

What Our Clients Say

With Wellcash Debt Collectors its always a sucess story.We are proud to say, we do evaluations on a monthly basis, to see if we are still providing quality services to our clients.Here is what some had to say.

Wellcash is our go to debt collector.It has not let us down,snce the day we engaged them.
P Fobo​
Real Star Estate Agency
l was about to have some debtors writen off as bad debts, till l engaged Wellcash Debt Collectors.They are very professional within their operations
D Oscar
Development Company
Thanks to its knowledge of the legal system, local culture, as well as which tools are available to deal with a debtor, Wellcash were able to reach effective agreements that have resulted in our company being able to recover its claims.
John Dakaramamo

Some of the countries we are in.

Wellcash Det Collectors since 2000, has managed to spread its services across Africa.

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